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Creating Habits That Lead To Success

Successful people are disciplined people. They create habits in their lives that will produce success. They are not lazy but they are people of action.

I know a man who spent $325,000 buying a business. With that type of investment, you would think he would do whatever was necessary to make sure it would succeed. He started out with a bang and everything seemed to be going good. After being in business about a year or so, I went by one day only to find out that they were closing down. After I began to investigate and ask a few questions, I found out that He was spending more time out hunting and fishing rather than tending the business. Now, it is ok to hunt and fish if you own a business, but the key is to have qualified people there to run it, and if you don’t have that, you are doomed.

His business habits were not good and the people he hired had poor habits, therefore the future of that business was to shut the doors.

Learn From The Masters of Success

It said that Mary Kay Ashe who founded Mary Kay Cosmetics got up every day and made a list of 6 things she would accomplish everyday. She did that every day of her life without exception. When she passed away, her estimated personal worth was around $300,000,000. Your habits are creating a future for you.

You cannot lie up in the bed all day and sit in front of the television and success fall out of the sky on you. You have to create daily actions that will propel you forward into success.

You can change your health, wealth and lifestyle by changing and developing good habits. You must develop a champion’s routine. When Evander Holyfield defeated Mike Tyson for the heavy weight boxing championship and collected 22 million dollars, he didn’t go home lay down and gain 40 pounds. He went right back to the routine that made him a champion. Larry Byrd got up every morning and shot 500 free throws before breakfast. He had a champion’s routine.

You have heard of how mighty the pen is. It is true. You need to write down 6 to 7 things you need to accomplish right now. You need to do it everyday. It will create a routine in your life that will help you be successful.

The Results of Poor Habits

Doing what others want will get you what others don’t have. The people that succeed in life have something definitive about the daily actions they take. I think it could be said this way: Poor habits lead to a poor life. Rich habits lead to a rich life.

Every person I have studied that has been successful in business and with their families have been people who new how to manage their time. The daily routine they created brought balance to their lives.

Poor habits will leave your life in confusion and disarray. You will lack direction and purpose as a result of a poor daily routine.

One thing I am not saying is that you have to develop such a rigid routine that you wind up in bondage to it. I am saying make sure what you do in a day is contributing to your success and further achievement. You will have basic habits that you will follow everyday and then build upon them.

You must plan, prepare and expect. These 3 things will determine your today and your tomorrow. Take control of your life’s agenda. Take steps to set success in motion in your daily routine.

Start right now and create a daily routine that brings out the champion in you.