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Can You Walk Away From Things You Know Will Hurt You?

This statement may sound kind of strange at first but when you see the meaning of it a light will come on and you will probably see where this needed to be applied in your life and business at some point. Let me say also that this is a sensitive issue that if not correctly applied can hurt you.

I have had people ask me, “is there ever a time that you have to walk away from a deal or a relationship.” The answer is a resounding yes. Now let me clarify. I am not talking about walking out on your family. I am not talking about sacrificing a friendship or other relationships unnecessarily.

In life and business, you are going to be faced with opportunities that look real good on the surface and look to promise you some great benefits. There will even be people that come into your life that if you are not careful, they will mess you up. This is why you have to have the wisdom of business, finance and relationships in your life. This is why you need to operate by a set of principles so as to be able to discern and judge what you need to do in any given situation.

Is There Anything That Compromises Your Standards?

You need to learn to walk away from things that would compromise your values, morals, honesty, integrity and character. It’s like the old country song says. You have to know when to hold them and know when to fold them; know when to walk away and know when to run.

Not everything that comes to you is best for you. When you walk away from things that are not really best for you, you release the things that are best for you to come your way.

Many times I have seen people get locked into things that went against their principles and hindered the flow of success in their lives. I know it to be true from personal experience. I have gotten into deals with other people I shouldn’t have and it took me a long time to recoup after I did. Had I walked away, I would have been better off and I would not have missed other opportunities that came my way.

Here is the hard part. It is walking away from existing relationships or business deals that begin to compromise your principles. When these relationships or business ventures begin to suck the life out of you and cause your integrity to be in jeopardy, you need to kindly and graciously walk away. It is hard, but it has to be done sometimes.

If I want walk away from the things that will compromise my life and business, then I will cutoff the flow of opportunity.

The opposite is true also. If I walk away from the things that will cause me to compromise, then I will allow the flow of opportunity to come to me.

Right now, reaffirm to yourself the principles that you want to guide your life and business. Reaffirm your commitment to honesty, integrity, love, and good character. Set these principles in concrete in your life and refuse to let anything cause you to compromise them.